Yvonne Chambers Shares Two Decades of Work at McGregor

The people you worked with are like family.

After almost two decades of time spent with McGregor, Yvonne Chambers, Dietary Supervisor, sits down to talk about her time working at McGregor and why she stayed here after all these years. Yvonne started working with AMASA Stone when she was 23 after seeing the ad in the paper. She started as an aid and then became a cook. Time and experience provided opportunity to grow professionally and AMASA paid for her tuition so she could attend Notre Dame College. She completed her degree and graduated. Following graduation, she became a supervisor in the dietary department. She explains the reason she initially applied for the position was because in high school she studied food service, which she enjoyed immensely, and as a bonus, McGregor was within walking distance from her home.

Yvonne has been with McGregor through many transitions from the merger of AMASA and McGregor, new staff, new leadership, and more. When asked why she has stayed so long, she begins to profoundly speak of the people and support she has received throughout her time at McGregor.

“The people you worked with are like family”, Yvonne retorts.

The atmosphere that McGregor creates is one of support and reward –as people around you notice one’s work ethic and learns who you are as a person. Yvonne’s advice to anyone starting at McGregor is to understand that there is a standard of how things are done, from how people dress to treating the residents with a standard of respect and understanding.

Thank you to Yvonne for her years of service. We are very appreciative of staff like you!