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McGregor Resident Testimonials

Our Residents & Families Tell Their Stories

“What happens when we leave?” That is the most common concern among Cleveland family members when they leave one of their elder members in the hands of a caretaker. McGregor ensures the highest standards of personal dignity, respect, quality of life and compassion. But, don’t just take our word for it – here is what some of our McGregor residents think about their experience here.

A note from the family ~ Ms. E. Cooper

"My mother, Ms. E. Cooper was blessed to have the services of the entire  team caring for her.  That gave my brother and I comfort knowing that there were additional eyes and ears watching over her.  She has improved immensely to our suprise and great joy!  Thank to all of you for your dedication and compassion to the "least among"us!" ~ Rena L.

Betty Jo Jenkins: The Fashionista

Betty Jo is our resident fashionista, and she is always so stylish. She came to us about 4 years ago, and she remains active and independent to this day. If you have ever been to our campus, there is a good chance that you’ve seen Betty Jo walking the hallways, touring the garden or hosting our Poetry Club meetings and handing out jam-and-cheese spreads to enjoy. 

“I recommend McGregor to all of my friends,” lauds Betty Jo. “I am never lonesome here because there is always someone to chat with and there is always an activity to attend.”

Richard Gildenmeister: The Bookeeper

For years, you could find Mr. Gildenmeister tending shop at Shaker Square’s Richard Gildenmeister Book Shop, and he is always ready to share a story about his encounters with such celebrities as Gloria Vanderbilt, Lauren Bacall, and former Cleveland Mayor, Ralph Perk. He also spent 18 years working at the Cleveland landmark Higbee’s before delving into the world of books. Always ready for an intriguing conversation, we were so glad to hear that Mr. Gildenmeister enjoys the time that he spends at McGregor.

“If I had to summarize everything that is great about McGregor in one word, I would have to say… EVERYTHING!”

Faye Lewis: The Camp Counselor

For over 25 years, Ms. Lewis and her family lived on a working Boy Scout Camp in Oklahoma, and she was highly involved in not only the general preservation of the grounds, but also the hiring and training of the kitchen staff. Faye’s active and giving lifestyle has continued during her 4 years here at McGregor, and she actively participates in many of the activities we offer like volunteering and contributing her services as our main gift shop attendant. She also enjoys gardening and takes full advantage of the local music offered here on campus.

When we asked Faye what she likes most about McGregor, she paid homage to our staff stating, “I have always felt like I could be open and honest with the staff members here and they have always been wonderful!”

Jesse Thompson: The Greeter

Jesse spent many years as a barber, and one thing is for sure, over the years, he talked a lot of sports! That continues here at McGregor for Mr. Thompson, as he and his buddies from the Men’s Club get together and talk Cleveland sports over a game of Dominoes on Thursday nights. You’ll probably recognize his face when you see his picture - he is our greeter, and he knows and welcomes everyone into the building. He also assists in calling our bingo games and spends his time here relaxing and enjoying the many activities and clubs that he participates in.

Jesse speaks fondly of his time here at McGregor saying, “I enjoy the beautiful environment McGregor has provided, and their caring workers.”

Letters from Family Members

A grateful family

We have viewed McGregor from afar, passing by so many time, never imagining we'd be grateful one day that you are here! The dedication the caregivers have for the residents is heart warming.  As we observed on many occasions, the respect and dignity provided to older citizens is what we need more of in this world!  A thousand thank you's to all who work there!

A Note from the Family of James Hustell

Often at McGregor we have the honor and privilege of taking care of dear family members until the day they are no longer with us. It is a responsibility we take seriously, and nothing makes us feel better about the care we provide than hearing from their loved ones that we provided a warm and caring environment for those final days.

“Thanks for the wonderful care you give. I can’t say enough about the wonderful people at McGregor and the heartfelt appreciation I have for you all. You gave my dad, James Hutsell, many happy moments and he grew to love you as his family. He, as I, truly were inspired by your care. With best wishes and love- Linda Whittaker”

Ms. Pearl Poteate wrote us from home!

The results often surprise us, as in the case of Ms. Pearl Poteate, who wrote us after being able to return to living in her home. She let us know that our staff made a difference:

“I want to thank everyone at McGregor for the wonderful care they gave me. The staff treated me wonderfully, with great respect. When I arrived, I was scared. I was completely disabled. The ladies washed me, dressed me and helped me into the wheelchair and they treated me great. I’ll never forget Sheila and Ginger. The therapy I received was wonderful. Mrs. Lori put hot packs on my back and gave me exercises to do. It was painful, but I did what she told me to do. And the best result? I am back at home! Thank everyone for me and for making my life joyful when I was there. I can never thank them enough. May God bless them all, Much Love, Ms. Pearl Poteate.”


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We are waiting for you to come experience assisted living the way your family imagines it. Our staff is “resident first” and believes that our mission is to provide everything you need to lead a fulfilling and meaningful life. We hope that you’ll join our residents in their belief that life is better at McGregor!

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