When Is the Right Time to Move to Assisted Living?

When It’s Time, McGregor Is the Place


Since every individual is different, there really is no right or wrong time for a senior to consider an assisted living apartment. The ultimate decision on when to make the move to senior retirement living, an assisted care facility, or a nursing home should be based on several factors, taking the safety and health of the prospective resident into primary consideration. The ability to maintain one’s independence should not be overlooked either.

To aid you in this important determination, we have created the following Assisted Living Checklist. If you or your loved one find yourself nodding in agreement to two or more of these statements, then now might be a good time to look into assisted living.

  • Making things easier for me makes sense.
  • I would like to continue living on my own.
  • Sometimes I get frustrated with my limitations.
  • It takes me longer to get ready each morning, and it’s a little harder than it used to be.
  • Taking care of my home and yard is too much for me nowadays.
  • I probably shouldn’t drive, but I don’t want to burden anyone.
  • My family and friends worry about my safety and living alone.

McGregor is located just minutes from major medical centers around University Circle, Little Italy, many of Cleveland’s finest museums, and the Cleveland Orchestra. Life at McGregor is safe, comfortable, and convenient. It’s a place where memories are made and friendships are formed. Discover for yourself why so many seniors love to call McGregor “home.” Contact us to learn more.

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