McGregor's Response to the COVID-19 Virus
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Resources for Adults 

What Vaccines do You need?


Resources for Parents

What vaccines does your child need? 

While we are still practicing social distancing, we have included a link showing approved testing sites in Northeast Ohio. 

For details about each location, please hover over the locations on the Map.


Informative Articles & Tid-Bits we hope will contribute to your Healthy Lifestyle!

A comprehensive life enrichment program in a Life Plan Community, like McGregor, has a focus on emotional, social, spiritual, physical, and educational activities. It's all relative to life balance that is needed for improving and maintaining the quality of life: mind, body, spirit.  This includes Person-Centered Care, Opportunities for Socialization, Community Outreach, Resident Driven Ideology, Creative Leadership and Diversity in Programming. Inclusion is the key to growth. Respect, Choices, Community, Relationships, and Empowerment surround us.

Help us help you and your loved ones!

Taking care of yourself is most important during these unprecedented times. Click here for some tips.  

Coronavirus, Social Distancing and Self Quarantine- What do these terms mean and how might they apply to you, your family and your community?   Perhaps this is a time to reconnect with family and spend time engaged with our children!

Department of Job and Family Services shares Coronavirus Pandemic Child Care Information for Families which includes lists, forms and Child Care information for Health, Safety and Essential workers who are eligible

Answers about where parents can find help and activity ideas for their children during the COVID-19 epidemic

How you can prevent and prepare on how to take action against COVID-19--links and information

Help Guard against any COVID-10 associated stigma-Be kind!

CMS Coronavirus

Ohio Department of Health  (ODH) Recommendations


Caregiver Support Groups


Boomers or Zoomers?  Making the Right Decision for a Smart Home 


Helping to Protect Older Adults from Online Fraudulent Practices 

Boomers Making the Move to a Better Home

Healthy Habits to Help Prevent Flu

2017 Senior Cost of Living Index

Heart Age: Is Your Heart Older Than You?  Actual Age vs. Heart Age

AAA advice from Exceptional Caregivers

Coffee May Protect the Brain. Enjoy Your Daily Cup!

According to Recent Research Published in the Journal of Neuroscience, Your Sleep Position May Affect Brain Health

Healing Power

Internship With A Purpose. McGregor's Memory and Music Program.  Innovative and person-centered care that McGregor embraces to help residents throughout the continuum of care settings within the community. Experience through the eyes and thoughts of two interns the value of such programs; but also the learning impact for local students.

Help Spread the Music...and Give New Life to Someone You Love

Treating the Cause-Discover integrative medicine techniques for chronic pain

Making the Case for Personalized Music

Healthy Aging and Reaching 90 and Beyond  

Top 5 Ways to Overcome Family Objection

Family Means...

Four Ways Exercise Changes the Brain For Better

How to Spark Memories in People with Dementia

Rest and Recharge!