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McGregor news and awards

Welcome to the McGregor Amasa News and Awards section. We will use this space to provide updates on all of our activities for Cleveland seniors as well as great resources for topics related to senior living. McGregor has “Supported Seniors in need and those who serve them since 1877,” and this space will continue to be a resource to do just that!

National Nursing Home Week celebrating the 80's
May 8, 2019
With each day during National Nursing Home Week came a new adventure!  On this day we celebrated the 80's theme! More...
Definition of a Nurse
May 8, 2019
Celebrating National Nurses Week!  They are irreplaceable and appreciated!  Remember to say "thank you"! More...
McGregor joins forces with Leading Age Ohio
May 7, 2019
McGregor and other aging services providers across the stste are looking for new workers who want to join this in-demand career field, sponsoring new workforce strategies to educate Ohioans about these unique opportunities! McGregor is a dynamic organization looking for people to Elevate! More...
McGregor recognizes National Nursing Home Week
May 7, 2019
Each day during National Nursing Home Week represented a new theme!  Look for what's it a bird? a plane?  No, it's McGregor Super Heroes! More...
McGregor celebrates National Nursing Home Week
May 6, 2019
Every year we recognize those who are employed in the Nursing Care and Nursing Home careers!  They support our organization and our Residents in ways Above and Beyond! More...
National Social Work Month
May 6, 2019
National Social Work Month is every year in the month of May!  This year's theme- ELEVATE! More...
Celebrating our Nurses!
May 6, 2019
Thankful for our Nurses and their dedication to being caring, compassionate, kind and their commitment to caring for our Residents and their Families.  #compassion #dedication # nursesrock More...
Recognizing In-Demand Jobs Week at McGregor
May 6, 2019
May 6-10 is In-Demand Jobs Week in Ohio, McGregor is Looking to Fill Valuable Positions in Aging Services! More...
National Doctor's Day
March 30, 2019
McGregor thanks our very dedicated and compassionate team of physicians and physician assistants for the high standards and excellent care they provide our Residents! Thank you! More...
National Social Work Month
March 7, 2019
In March, as we celebrate National Social Work Month, are hats are off to our dedicated team! More...
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