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5 Traits of an Age-Friendly City
Friday, July 31, 2020

Cleveland sign in the city

Cleveland Is an Age-Friendly City.

What Makes a City Right for Seniors?

The World Health Organization (WHO) named Cleveland as an age-friendly city back in 2014, and the city has been working on actionable items to continually improve access and amenities for seniors since that time.

What exactly does an age-friendly environment look like? WHO describes it like this: 

"An age-friendly world enables people of all ages to actively participate in community activities and treats everyone with respect, regardless of their age. It is a place that makes it easy for older people to stay connected to people that are important to them. And it helps people stay healthy and active even at the oldest ages and provides appropriate support to those who can no longer look after themselves."

We thought it might be a good time to look at some things that make a city more friendly for seniors and those taking care of them!

Access to Health Care

With both University Hospitals and The Cleveland Clinic nearby, Cleveland certainly offers world-class health care. This is one of the most important factors in making a city livable for seniors.


As much as we love Cleveland, this might be the one area that we fall a little short in. Summertime can be hot and humid, and the winter is, of course, cold and snowy. suggests that Arizona offers great year-round climate conditions

Cost of Living

We might complain about how much gas costs sometimes in Northeast Ohio, but a trip to New York or D.C. will change your mind about how you feel about day-to-day expenses. Mental Floss lists Buffalo, New York as one of the most affordable place to live in the U.S., but we’re not so sure they would pass the climate criterion for seniors. 

Senior Living Options

It’s not enough to just have retirement resorts. Some seniors want to live independently, but they might need some help to accomplish that and programs, like McGregor’s PACE program, help seniors accomplish just that. Communities must provide a myriad of living options to satisfy today’s seniors. 


A good transit system is important for seniors as well. Many have lost the ability to drive, so senior ride programs from bus lines and dial-a-ride services are particularly important to help seniors get where they need to be.

We’re glad you’re in Cleveland. We’re also glad to provide the types of services that enable Cleveland to be an age-friendly city. To find out more about McGregor, contact us today!