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Tips for Staying Active and Engaged During COVID-19
Monday, August 31, 2020

grandpa taking walk outside

Tips for Staying Active and Engaged During COVID-19

Finding New Ways to Connect Despite Social Isolation

All of us—healthcare professionals, McGregor employees, seniors, family members, and caregivers—need to stay active during COVID-19 despite the continued social distancing recommendations and disruption to our normal routines.

Not only do we need to stay physically active, but we need to stay mentally active and socially engaged for our health and well-being. It can be difficult to feel connected to our loved ones and our community during this pandemic, but there are safe ways to socialize and engage with others.

Look for ways to build community.

In trying times, finding ways to help others and build community can be a positive boost for your mind and spirit. Whether it is safely volunteering for a local organization or joining with others in your independent living community to conduct a food drive, look for ways to build community.

Stay connected virtually.

Many of us have had our fill of Zoom calls and Google Hangouts, but these tools are so essential for staying engaged with friends and loved ones during this pandemic. Consider utilizing them to stay connected with those loved ones who are currently in an assisted living or nursing facility.

Give yourself “recess.”

Remember when the bell would ring at school and you could finally have a break outside to play and run? There’s no reason you can’t continue to have recess, even as an adult. Whether you go outside or stay indoors, try to turn off your current stress and anxiety and spend some time just relaxing and having a few moments of fun.

Get outdoors.

While the weather in Cleveland stays warm and dry, take advantage of getting outdoors whenever possible. Working, reading, dining—all of these activities can be done outside for an added vitamin D boost and some fresh air.

Improve your fitness.

This is definitely not the time to put pressure on yourself to adhere to a strict exercise routine, but it is a good time to generally improve your fitness. Just finding time every day to move—whether it is walking, aerobics, dancing, golf, or another hobby—is so important.

At McGregor, we are continuing to find creative ways to keep our residents active and engaged during this pandemic. If we can offer any advice or support for families and caregivers at this time, just let us know.