McGregor's Response to the COVID-19 Virus
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Planting plantsVision

No senior in Northeast Ohio should feel vulnerable.

Our Mission

McGregor improves the experience of aging both by enabling seniors to age successfully in a place they call home, and also by ensuring for seniors the highest standards of personal dignity, respect, quality of life and compassion.


Human and financial resource sustainabililty in pursuit of our mission.


Helping plantMcGregor will remain a providere of High Value Services based in East Cleveland.

McGregor will continue to support growth in the supply of affordable senior housing.

Peers will regard McGregor as a Leader in Innovation because of our ongoing support of the research, development and valildation of new care delivery models.

McGreger will continue to excel at optimizing resources, generating maximum value from financial, intellectual and political/social capital and physical assets.

Desired Future State

McGregor is an innovative and comprehensive service provider and benefactor to vulnerable seniors in Northeast Ohio; financially strong and positioned to respond quickly to change.