Why Employees Stay

Many companies spend a great amount of time and money investigating cases of employee turnover, but converse to this is;  why do they stay? 


Some say it is the physical science of inertia. In the case of McGregor;


First, it is the case of job satisfaction.


Second, there is the company environment


Third, it is the degree of comfort an individual employee feels within the organization.


An employee’s inertia is strengthened by the degree of compatibility between their own work ethic and values for which the company stands. Also, the employee’s ethic comes from their own values and the actual conditions they encounter on the job.

Hear From Our Employees

“I am part of a greater effort that provides resources to our elders in the community! I have the ability to set goals, control my destiny and have been a vision leader! I’ve been able to spread my wings and soar as high as I am capable of.”

“I have the ability to put what I learned in college into practice in a positive and fun work space. My managers are patient with me and allow my work experience to grow. The people that I work with are very sweet and a delight some of them are now good friends of mine. I love the events that are thrown on site and speaking and getting to know some of the residents.”

Stay Interviews