About Us

Helping Older Adults Live Better—and Thrive

Non-Profit Aging Services for Cleveland’s Seniors

McGregor, a non-profit senior care organization, is meeting the changing needs of Cleveland’s older adults throughout Northeast Ohio and Cuyahoga County in three distinct ways:

  • Providing residential care services on our campus Everything you planned for and more!
  • Empowering local seniors to continue to live at home through the PACE program
  • Funding innovation, workforce development, and quality of care  in all settings

As a non-profit Life Plan Community, McGregor offers its residents a longstanding reputation of excellence. For over a century, McGregor has been providing extra care and support for seniors and their families. As a mission-driven organization, we believe in every individual’s basic right to aging services, and we are committed to the highest quality of care.

Living Communities Designed to Meet Your Needs

Focused on Your Independence and Strength

Live your life with intention at McGregor. We provide a variety of living options—from Independent Living and Assisted Living to rehabilitation—both to serve your needs now and as you grow older. Our caregiving professionals offer you the extra help you need to live better and thrive, and we prioritize your well-being, comfort, and safety.

Putting Our Residents First

Ensuring the Highest Standard of Care

McGregor improves the experience of older adults by enabling them to age successfully in a place they are proud to call home. Our award-winning living communities ensure that our residents enjoy the highest standards of personal dignity, respect, quality of life, and compassion. Our continuum of care is designed to serve you, and your family, giving you that additional support and care you need to live your very best life. As a non-profit organization, we are driven by our mission to improve access to and the quality of aging services for all older adults in our community.

We’re Excited to Meet You!

Live Your Best Life at McGregor

We welcome you to schedule a visit and experience the McGregor difference in person.