4 Reasons Why Seniors Need Social Interaction

Human beings are social creatures.

And that doesn’t change with age!

Movies and television shows have created some horrible stereotypes about many different segments of our population, and the senior demographic is no different. The image of an elderly person being wheeled up to a window and force-fed applesauce is reinforced in many movies and TV shows, but that is far from the lifestyle most seniors live out in assisted living centers. In fact, social interaction is vital to a healthy lifestyle in seniors. Here are some reasons why social interaction and activity is so vital to a happy and healthy senior!

Reason #1: Cognitive function increases with social interaction.

Dementia and other cognitive disorders impact many seniors, and it’s vital for them to stay sharp. One of the best ways to do this is to stay engaged in conversation and activity. Studies show that seniors can actually reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia by regularly interacting with others via conversation and an active social life.

Reason #2: Social interaction helps seniors feel comfortable with new surroundings.

The transition to assisted living can be intimidating. It’s a new place with new faces. There are new experiences to be had. While it might be fun, it can really be traumatic until you get your bearings. That’s why social interaction is crucial during that time. Seniors feel a lot better knowing that there are other people going through the new experiences with them, and that there are some people who have already been through it and love it!  

Reason #3: Depression and loneliness are real, and social interaction is the cure.

Senior adults are very susceptible to depression. Isolation only highlights those doldrums and increases the likelihood that they will remain for lengthy periods of time. Social interaction is shown to decrease depression and being around others helps the mental state of seniors.

Reason #4: Interaction is kind of like a health supplement.

Dopamine is the chemical released by the brain to reward behavior with pleasure. Conversation is a natural trigger for dopamine, thus giving the body a healthy boost of positive energy. Dopamine has been shown to fight depression, but it also helps fight conditions like Parkinson’s and Dementia (Medical News Today).

That’s why we develop programs to allow our residents to participate in activities they enjoy with others that enjoy them as well. If you are looking for Cleveland-area senior living that fosters mental stimulation and cognitive function in seniors, McGregor is the place you’ve been looking for. Contact us today to schedule your visit!