Why Family Events Matter for Senior Living

Why Are Family and Community Events Important for Senior Living Facilities?

On Sun., Oct. 27, our McGregor Amasa campus played host to our annual Trick or Treat party, and the sounds of little ghouls and goblins, music, and laughter filled the air! Familiar tunes played, kids filled up their goodie bags with candy, and McGregor Amasa was transformed into a “Spooktacular” Halloween playground!

But why?

Some wonder why a place that is designed to be a sanctuary for seniors would open itself up to the noise and commotion of a family Halloween party. Certainly, seniors don’t want to hear all of that noise, right? Well, you’d be surprised at just how much good those laughs and screams can bring to a senior care facility. It’s called assisted LIVING, and nothing makes you feel more alive than youthful fun. Let’s look at some reasons why seniors benefit from family and community events at their care facility!

Being at a party removes the walls.

While a facility like McGregor offers beautiful grounds and wonderful amenities, it is still important to bring life from outside our facility inside the walls of our buildings. By bringing in friends and families, the world seems bigger and reminds our seniors that they are still a vibrant part of the world outside McGregor.

Activities extend life.

McGregor’s goal is to extend and enrich the lives of our seniors. Being around younger people and families enhances mental health, which in turn enhances physical health. Simply put, interacting with people can help you live longer, and that’s what events like this are all about.

Not everyone gets family visits.

The reality is that not all of our residents get regular family visits for numerous reasons. Family events allow our residents to experience the feeling of having a visit and getting to interact with people they don’t see every day.

It’s good for the family!

Young children might have trouble understanding why they don’t see Grandma or Great Grandpa every day anymore. Events like this help them get some quality time in, and it helps them enjoy important traditions, like trick or treating, with a loved one that might not be able to patrol the neighborhood with them on Halloween.

If you’ve been considering McGregor for a loved one, but aren’t sure what the facility is all about, we encourage you to attend one of our events. It’s a great opportunity to bring the family out, meet our staff and our seniors, and witness firsthand why senior living is changing for the better in Cleveland, thanks to McGregor!