Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Part 3

This article is the third in a series on Diversity & Inclusion: Black Lives Matter

A conversation with Ann Conn, President and CEO of the McGregor Foundation and Tangi McCoy, CEO of McGregor PACE

“We were initially organized to meet the needs of the community in 1877. However, today we must adapt to meet the needs of 2020 and beyond.” 

Tangi McCoy, CEO of McGregor PACE, proposed to the leadership team the idea of acknowledging Black Lives Matter and doing it on Juneteenth.

After hearing about it, McGregor wanted to make it an organization-wide event. “If something is wrong, you need to stand up and say that it is wrong. It’s not ok to say you’re not a racist. You have to stand and do something more,” stated Ann.



 While the board worked on improving its representation and diversity, Ann states, “The staff is already representative of McGregor’s community. In fact, McGregor’s front-line workforce is about 85% minority; and its management is about 75% minority. This alignment is unusual in our field of aging services”.

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