Jim Hillen, celebrates 25 years at McGregor and Shares His Story

You can work anywhere, but here (McGregor) at the end of the day, you have another
reward of taking care of people

This is what Jim Hillen, Maintenance Director, said as he retires after 25 years of working at McGregor. The most memorable thing you gather from talking with Jim, is his appreciation and love for McGregor. He noted how you can just sit around and do an easy job, but working at a place like McGregor allows you to feel as if you are truly helping people with your work.

Having a mission for your line of work is more important than having an easy job, according to Jim. This specifically was true during the last year and couple months of his tenure at McGregor, amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic. Jim compared working with seniors amidst Covid lockdown like being a soldier in World War II. By this he meant that anything the staff at McGregor was doing was important! Jim’s biggest piece of advice to those who are looking to jumpstart their career at
McGregor is to always remember that whatever job you are doing, you are taking care of someone who is in their last home.

McGregor is thankful to Jim for his 25 dedicated years at McGregor.