Summer is Sizzling- How to Protect Yourself

Temperatures are rising

The weather forecast is calling for extreme temperatures over the next few days, so we wanted to take a moment to remind you about keeping yourself and those you love safe.

Sunset over a body of water

Heat-related illnesses such as Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke are of special concern for seniors. Experts estimate that 40% of heat-related deaths occur to adults age 60 and over. Things like limiting your outdoor activities, staying hydrated and dressing in loose layers are important first steps.

Likewise, communities like McGregor are sensitive to keeping our residents hydrated during these warm summer days by offering water, lemonade and other beverages during all of our events and programs.  Our Activities team takes special interest in ensuring the safety of residents as well as our Nursing team who encourages these healthy practices.

There are a number of Senior Centers across the County that function as cooling stations during periods of extreme heat. Please visit the website at for a list of Cooling Station locations and contact numbers.


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