Carnival Show in the Courtyard at McGregor


Even though we are growing up, we should never stop having fun!

Our activity department put on a great Carnival show for the Residents in the Gardens Courtyard complete with a ‘big top’ tent, ring toss, bust-a-balloon, and the traditional popcorn, peanuts–and even a stilt walker!

A carnival is the ticket to the greatest show on earth. 
Popcorn, nachos, hot dogs, chips, you can’t miss the girl in the stilts!  Every way you looked there was something exciting to experience!
We hope you were able to visit the Courtyard at McGregor and bring out your inner kid for our carnival event.
It was a hug success with games, food, and lots to do. The courtyard was decked out for the occasion, with red tents providing some much-needed respite from the sun.  

We relived our childhood with games such as the ring toss, stand the bottle, and pop balloon! There was plenty of fun to go around.


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Grace Meyer, marketing & communications intern at McGregor, rising senior at Elon University