Planning an Intergenerational Family Outing

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Tips for Connecting Family Members Across Generations

How the Whole Family Can Have Fun Together

Many families are fortunate to have members across generations, from young children to older adults, living in close proximity. These intergenerational family relationships are so special and should be nurtured. For example, grandchildren can spark joy for their grandparents—and those children can learn so much from their elders. If you would like for the entire family to enjoy an outing or adventure together, you will need to do some advance planning: All family members will have different needs, wants, and expectations that should be considered.


Here are some tips to consider when planning an intergenerational family outing:

  • Plan ahead. Not to state the obvious, but you will likely not be able to load the entire family in the van and head out for a spur–of–the–moment adventure. You will need to consider the ages and abilities of each family member when selecting a destination. For example, is the destination easily accessible for all members of the family? Are there age requirements or mobility restrictions? We also recommend having a conversation as a family prior to finalizing your plans to discuss what everyone would like to do.
  • Split up if needed. Perhaps you are spending the day at a local nature park for a picnic. Some of the family may find a shady spot next to a lake or under a pavilion to relax and enjoy the scenery while others go on a hike. Find a way for everyone to enjoy the experience, even if that means splitting up for small portions of the day.
  • Be realistic. Resist the temptation to pack in too many activities. This is about spending quality time together as a family: You don’t need much to make this happen.
  • Take pictures. Capture the special moments between family members. You will be glad you have these photos to look back on!


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