Safety: Tips for Older Adults

June is National Safety Month! It is important to make sure you and your loved ones are kept safe.

We want to share tips on how to ensure safety for older adults. Whether that is in their living space or outside, there are ways to prevent hazardous situations.

To prevent any falls within an older adult’s home you need to check for loose handrails and uneven steps. Installing extra lights around their home, or even keeping flashlights close by, will also help to reduce fall risks.

Additional ways to keep your loved ones safe are to keep up with any and all health-related appointments, and to have them wear a medical alert device. Wearing an alarm device will help to have providers be notified if the individual has fallen or needs emergency assistance in any way.

Another tip surrounding safety in older adults is to have them exercise regularly. Daily walks will help them to maintain their balance and strength which further prevents the risk of falling.

Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy are great resources for older adults. Physical Therapy allows seniors to preserve their muscle and joint strength. Occupational therapy helps to restore motor control and hand functions. Both of these assist in keeping older adults strong and safe, while helping them to continue performing activities of daily life.

These services are offered at a senior living community, like McGregor, and are available to any resident who may benefit from these amenities. Senior living communities offer older adults a safe environment where they are able to thrive!

These tips and tricks will help to keep older adults safe and increase their quality of life.

Always remember- Safety First! These tips are essential in guaranteeing your loved ones are safe.

At McGregor, we take the health and safety of our residents into primary consideration.