July 6, 2023, Providence, RI –  Intus Care, a pioneer in advanced software and data-driven solutions for geriatric healthcare, today announced a partnership with McGregor PACE, a nonprofit senior care organization in Ohio, to implement Intus Care’s data analytics. McGregor PACE will leverage the Software Analytics Platform to empower care services to participants in the Cleveland area, continuing their tradition of innovating PACE.

Intus Care is a healthcare analytics platform that synthesizes healthcare data to identify risks, visualize trends, and optimize care.

Programs for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) provide nursing home-eligible participants with appropriate medical care and services at their homes and in the community, allowing older Americans to age in place. Intus Care supports over 45 PACE programs across 16 states through data analytics and PACE consulting, empowering programs like McGregor PACE to optimize operation and care outcomes.

“Our mission at McGregor PACE is to enhance the quality of life for our participants and support their desire to age in a place they call home,” said Tangi McCoy, CEO at McGregor PACE. “By coupling the Intus Care platform and a data-driven culture, our staff is facilitating preventative, holistic care to our participants. This approach helps minimize unnecessary medical interventions that not only diminish quality of life but also incur significant costs. We are excited about our ongoing partnership and the positive impact it brings.

McGregor PACE is currently the only PACE program in the State of Ohio, serving more than 660 participants from Cuyahoga County across three locations.

McGregor PACE Partnership Press Release