“In our career, there is always an opportunity for growth. Our work lends itself to many opportunities for learning.”

Margaret Hirsch has been a proud employee of McGregor PACE since McGregor began managing the PACE program in 2010. Margaret serves as the Director of Operational Support and Innovation for McGregor PACE. In this role, she is primarily responsible for leading various projects that use emerging medical technologies to make PACE’s caregiving practices more efficient and effective for all PACE participants.

Since starting her role, Margaret specified that, like many other McGregor and McGregor PACE employees, “I’ve been blessed with opportunities for growth, both as a leader and in terms of the variety of projects I’ve worked on.” In particular, Margaret is thankful for the mentorship of Tangi McCoy, McGregor PACE’s Chief Executive Officer, who “lets you decide which path you want to take for a project and then guides you through the process,” rather than just telling you what to do.

Margaret additionally appreciates how McGregor PACE has allowed her to continue to get more experience in all areas of her professional life. Her role at PACE has allowed her to earn new certifications, take on more projects, and continue on a trajectory of growth. She says, “Those stressful challenging times often become the ones you remember the most because of how you’ve learned and grown from them.”

When asked why she has stayed at McGregor PACE, Margaret was very clear: “It all comes down to the mission. You’re doing something for the betterment of our community and of our society by helping seniors.” Margaret concluded by expressing her excitement for the expansion of the PACE program to new areas of Ohio.

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