Celebrating Environmental Services Week

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Recognizing Critical Team Members at McGregor

Caring for the Safety and Well-Being of Our Seniors


September 10-16, 2023, is Environmental Services Week, an initiative led by the Association for the Health Care Environment. At McGregor, we are proud to participate in this week by recognizing the critical environmental services professionals on our team: our housekeeping and laundry staff, as well as other related roles. Their impact is significant and goes beyond mere cleanliness and maintenance. These professionals contribute to the overall well-being, safety, and quality of life of seniors residing in various senior living communities, such as assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and retirement communities.

Here are some ways in which they impact the senior living industry:

Health and Hygiene: Environmental services professionals ensure that living spaces are clean, sanitized, and free from hazards. This is especially important for seniors, as they may have weaker immune systems and be more susceptible to infections. Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment can help prevent the spread of illnesses and enhance residents’ overall health.

Safety: Keeping living spaces organized and free from clutter is crucial for the safety of seniors. Environmental services professionals help prevent accidents and falls by properly arranging furniture, ensuring adequate lighting, and removing potential hazards.

Quality of Life: A clean and well-maintained environment contributes to a higher quality of life for seniors. When their living spaces are comfortable and well-cared-for, seniors are more likely to feel content, secure, and at home. This can have a positive impact on their mental and emotional well-being.

Dignity and Respect: Seniors deserve to live in an environment that respects their dignity and provides a sense of privacy. Environmental services professionals play a role in maintaining the privacy and personal spaces of residents, helping them maintain a sense of independence and control over their living conditions.

Positive Impressions: The cleanliness and appearance of a senior living community can greatly influence the impressions of residents, their families, and potential residents. A well-maintained environment can create a positive atmosphere that reflects the community’s commitment to the well-being of its residents.

Support for Caregivers: Environmental services professionals also indirectly support caregivers and healthcare staff. By handling housekeeping and laundry tasks, they free up caregivers’ time to focus on providing direct care and attention to residents’ medical, social, and emotional needs.

Compliance with Regulations: Senior living facilities are subject to regulations and standards to ensure the safety and well-being of residents. Environmental services professionals play a role in maintaining compliance with these regulations, which is essential for the overall functioning of the facility.

There’s no question that our environmental services professionals have a profound impact on the senior living industry by contributing to the health, safety, comfort, and overall quality of life for residents. Their work directly influences the well-being of seniors and helps create an environment that fosters dignity, independence, and happiness in the later stages of life.

If we can answer any questions you may have about environmental services at McGregor, or any current job openings, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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