Supporting Employees During Hard Times

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Coping Resources for Senior Living Managers and Their Employees

Showing Compassion and Hope in Aging Services

McGregor believes that supporting employees who are facing challenges—whether it be health related, a family issue, financial concern, or other stressors—is critical. It’s important for us to be good listeners and show compassion and hope to those people serving our organization.

Managers in aging services and senior living communities can provide crucial support to employees during difficult times and help them develop essential coping skills.

Understand your employee needs. As best you can, have a sense of what each member of your team needs to stay strong, positive, and able to perform their role. Establish several formats to gather information from your employees: This can be through surveys, one-to-one sessions, and anonymous feedback boxes. Keep a pulse on your workers’ needs—and never assume they will communicate what they need unprompted.

Communicate regularly and clearly. Create a safe and empathetic space for employees to express their concerns and share their challenges. Encourage open dialogue and active listening to understand their needs. When you are communicating new information, remember that everyone needs to hear it more than once.

Anticipate the need for coping skills. Prepare in advance to reduce stress, especially if you are getting ready for a change in procedure or an unanticipated event causes disruption in the workplace. Make sure employees have the tools they need to cope before they need to put them into action.

Encourage taking time off to renew their physical and mental well-being. Allow employees to use sick leave for mental health reasons or to attend therapy appointments. Normalize the importance of mental well-being.

Incorporate wellness during regularly scheduled meeting times. You can use regular meetings as a place to build resilience for your team. Communicate to your employees that you understand that their well-being is always in flux—a continuum—and you want to provide support for wherever they are at that moment.

Share wins as a team. Celebrate one another’s successes to build employee confidence, self-esteem, and accountability for their work and their positive contributions to your team and organization.

Appreciate your team. Your team members have differences and unique qualities, all of which contributes to the overall strength and success of your team. Foster a supportive team environment where coworkers can assist and encourage one another through challenging times.

McGregor is committed to being a supportive employer, valuing each team member for their contributions on a daily basis and their impact on our ability to fulfill our mission as a senior care organization. If you are interested in employment opportunities at McGregor, please get details on open positions and apply today. For questions or more information, reach out to our team.


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