Meet the McGregor Hospice Team

  Congratulations!  McGregor Hospice has a new home inside McGregor.

Check out our new digs!

Penni-Lynn Rolen, Hospice Director, shows off their new offices and signage.


Meet the McGregor Hospice Team!


McGregor Hospice is 10 years old and has been gently adapting its services and programs to fit the times, communities it serves and influencing perspectives on hospice. Hospice services are available as part of the organization’s continuum of care and are offered to residents on its main 45-acre Cleveland campus in independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing care and long-term care facilities.

McGregor’s commitment to “providing the highest quality of life by ensuring comfort, dignity and tranquility — no matter where the patient resides or calls home,” means off campus hospice services are also part of its mission.

“Each individual’s journey is different. Our philosophy is to meet them where they are in every sense and move
forward in the direction they want that journey to go,” adds Ms. Rolen.

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