Healthy Eating Means a Healthy YOU

Lettuce guide you through healthy eating and nutrition!

20 Different Types of Lettuce Varieties - Insanely Good

Whether it’s iceberg, red lettuce, leaf lettuce, bibb lettuce, butter lettuce, romaine, red cabbage, all lettuce have their own unique look and nutritional value. March is National Nutrition Month.

The food you eat is what provides you with energy to keep you active throughout the day and the nutrients your entire body needs to perform all of its functions.

Nutrition is essential to everyone, but as you age it is important to tailor your diet to your own personal needs. The body and brain change as you age, so it is crucial to do what you can to help them stay strong and healthy. Constantly putting unhealthy foods into your body can have an extremely negative effect on your health and may cause some serious problems.

In order to maintain a healthy body, you need to consume protein, eat colorful, vitamin rich fruits and vegetables, and increase your fiber intake! Reducing the consumption of processed foods, saturated fats, added sugars, and unnecessary salts is the best way to prevent harmful impacts on the body.

A healthy brain leads to a healthy body. The brain is the organ most easily damaged by a poor diet since the way our brains receive nourishment is from the foods that we eat. Along with eating nutritious foods the brain needs lots of water to produce chemical reactions.

Having a healthy diet also supports your mental health. NEO Boomer uses science to describe the relationship between food and mood. Main mood regulating neurotransmitters are affected by nutrition. Foods containing Omega 3 fatty acids have antidepressant properties and healthy protein sources can help to fight mental illness.

A few items to avoid when trying to strengthen your mental health include butter, whole fat cheese, fried foods, red meat, and sweets. If you choose to eat fast food, consume it in limited quantities and be mindful when making your menu choices!

Find the diet that works for you and see how your body thanks you! Our dietary team at McGregor knows!

Happiness is Health.

Healthy food selection is important at any age.