Staying Connected With Technology

Technology is here to stay…

so why not benefit from it?


There are more than 875,000 new users on the internet each day, showing that technology is constantly growing and advancing.

For seniors, technology has not been around their whole life as it has for others. So, it is important to have them learn and adapt to the new normal! Technology includes all things digital, whether that is social media platforms, search engines, cameras, safety devices, and more.

The internet allows everyone to stay connected no matter their location. This is especially valuable to those seniors wanting to stay in their own home. Facetime, or any other video chat platform, gives a way for loved ones to keep in touch with the seniors in their lives if in person visits are not always feasible.

Social Media platforms, such as Facebook, offer ways for seniors to stay connected and up to date with the world around them. Facebook is popular amongst the older adult population due to it having a simple way for interacting that is enjoyable for seniors.

For those new or unfamiliar with Facebook, Click here for a resource that shows how to create an account and navigate through the platform.

Technology does not only include social media, but also anything that is digital. There are many helpful devices for seniors that are used to enhance their quality of life. Fall detection watches or medical alert devices both help the safety of seniors. Smart Speakers that respond to voice, such as an Alexa or Echo, are great tools to make phone calls or ask any general questions, only using their voice. Doorbell cameras are also a great way to ensure the safety of a senior in their home.

There are endless benefits to technology. Digital games and puzzles help seniors to improve their cognition and memory skills. Fitness trackers give a fun way to track steps and stay accountable. Search engines, like Google, are a great resource to stay informed about news and current events. And online reading and music are good digital tools to keep the brain stimulated.

Those who may feel reluctant to adapt to advancing technology may benefit from classes, seminars, or workshops that are available to help teach seniors about how to use technology to their advantage.

The internet helps seniors avoid feelings of isolation by keeping them connected with their loved ones and the world. We celebrate innovation and technology month!

elderly man laying on couch using phone

“Technology is best when it brings people together.” Matt Mullenweg


Gabrielle Carrara, Marketing & Communications Summer Intern