Where is technology taking us?

Humans have been known to resist new technologies for as long as the Industrial Revolution. This has led to long debates about adapting to technology, especially recently with the rise of AI

Now, as a society, we are expected to adapt to this new form of technology, artificial intelligence (AI). There are both positives and negatives associated with AI, making this argument one of the most intense arguments about technology in history. Many of us question if we should trust all the positives associated with AI, making many of us hesitant to support such a technological shift in our world. Let’s examine what AI has to offer and the fears that AI brings to us.

Many may call AI the digital brains inside our computers, but today, those digital brains are far less smart than our biological brains. Although this is temporary, we are seeing strange gaps of language within AI as well as AI not completely understanding what it needs to generate to its user. The more positive information that we put into AI, the more positive answers will be generated, which, in turn, will allow AI to continue to train itself and learn from its own mistakes.

There are always two sides to the story, and our concerns are valid, but if we never learn how to use AI, we will never know the capability that it has. Whether we support the implementation or not, this new form of technology will be difficult to avoid. As I said earlier, as humans we historically resist new technologies, but now we can learn about this new technology to contribute to improving our world.


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