McGregor Sponsors the inspiration in the Zero Threshold Awards

The Zero Threshold Awards celebration features an exhibition of the winning and top designs from the competition in each of the categories. It’s a culmination of business, community, and government leaders from across Ohio and the United States to celebrate the culmination of 2019’s most innovative design competition.

McGregor is proud to be a partner in the Zero Threshold Sneak Preview and the Awards Celebration as a Sponsor!

Exciting keynote speaker Chris Downey, engaged and energized us all, using an avatar to help guide him through his powerpoint presentation.  Chris Downey’s work focuses on enriching the environment for the visually impaired.  His projects reflect his 20 years of traditional sighted architectural experience and his ongoing practice since losing his sight in 2008. Truly, an inspiration as a person as well as his dedication to his work!

Experience the architectural, interior, and urban designs in beautiful detail. Learn who the winners are, what inspired them, and what’s next for ZeroThreshold and a Barrier-Free Cleveland


A panel discussion about accessibility to barrier free living in the home, community, for the disabled and seniors was highly educational and interesting.

Panelists included: Jeremy Powers-City of Cleveland Community Development, Sandra Madison-Robert P. Madison Architects, Treye Johnson-Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Sheena McGee-Sheena McGee Designs and Jayne Reed-a Resident of Old Brooklyn



The message: We refuse to surrender form to function. 

Are you ready for the challenge?




The audience enjoyed the best designs from an architectural challenge featuring professional and student designers from six different coutnries who see a world this is not only barrier free–but freely admired for its beauty and innovation!


Thank you to our partnership with North Coast Community Homes!