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Episode 1

The McGregor Story 

Some Missions Say It All!
By: Lee Ann O’Brien, Chief Marketing Officer, McGregor

A leading provider for elders, McGregor is meeting the changing needs of Cleveland’s seniors throughout Northeast Ohio and Cuyahoga County through our residential care
services, community-based PACE program that keeps people connected in the community, and our grant-making foundation that supports innovations, workforce development, and quality of care in all settings; each are providing ways to age well and improve lives!

Episode 2

Live at Home – McGregor PACE

The Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly
By: Elliot Cruz, Development Director, McGregor PACE and Lee Ann O’Brien, Chief Marketing Officer, McGregor

Supporting seniors gives peace of mind to the individuals who care the most for them. We strive to improve the quality of life for seniors in the greater Cleveland area by ensuring they can remain in their community while receiving the care they need–if and when they need it.  Three PACE Centers throughout Cuyahoga County invite PACE participants to come for medical services and programming activities and meals. They can come between one and five times a week! McGregor PACE provides transportation to and from their home. PACE Centers are at Forest Hill, Warrensville Heights, and Old Brooklyn.

Episode 3

Helping Our PACE Seniors Stay Safe at Home and Mcgregor Residents

Coronavirus Prevention Begins With Excellent Hygiene
By: Elliot Cruz, Development Director, McGregor PACE and Lee Ann O’Brien, Chief Marketing Officer, McGregor

While our PACE centers remain closed, it is important for our participants to continue to practice strong hygiene habits at home. Many of our participants often spend time with their multigenerational families. While having the support and companionship of nieces, nephews, grandchildren, and other family members during this time is so important, it is also critical that all family members—including children—practice good hygiene habits during COVID-19. 

Likewise, we take our responsibility seriously when it comes to caring for our loved ones! This includes our Residents, Families, and our Staff. We continue to go above and beyond taking the necessary steps to protect those around us and keep everyone safe. Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures!

Episode 4

A Special Kind of Caring -McGregor Cares for the Resident and Support for Caregivers

By: Angela Young, Independent Living, Hospice  Outreach and Lee Ann O’Brien, Chief Marketing Officer

We are here for you every step of the way.  Our compassionate and understanding team of health professionals provide the individual and family with the support they need, wherever they are in the health journey.  Compassion fatigue is a reality for most families caring for a loved one. We provide care for all the season of life!