5 Ways That Music Therapy Is Important for Seniors

A Song Can Take You to a Time and Place

For Some Seniors, it’s the Only Thing That Can!

There is a reason that so many flashback scenes in a movie take the character back to a dance or a concert. Music can transport us to a time and place long forgotten, and you can then touch, smell, taste and hear the entire experience as if you are still there. For some seniors, it gets harder and harder to remember those experiences, and music becomes the conduit to mentally travel in time to those special occasions.

Music does so much more than that. There are many studies that show how cognitive abilities increases exponentially when music therapy is involved. McGregor offers a concert series every summer because we know the value of what music can offer to our residents. For those not familiar, here are 5 reasons why music therapy is vital to the quality of life for seniors: 

1. Music can improve concentration and memory.

Psychology Today ran a study on the effects of music on seniors, and they found that brain processing speed and memory are both increased in seniors over 69 when background music is present. (Psychology Today

2. Music encourages social interaction.

What is a party with no music, right? Music, even light and in the background, can relax people and put them at ease, making them more likely to interact socially with those around them. 

3. Music promotes motion.

For many residents, it’s hard to keep still when there is music involved. Even a toe tap or a head nod can be an effective therapy for certain conditions, and movement is vital to the health of seniors. 

4. Music provides stress relief.

Being a senior can be stressful. New experiences, new faces, and health concerns are all stressors, and sometimes an escape can be helpful. Music can provide that much-needed calm that some seniors need to find some peace of mind during high-stress periods of the day.

5. Music improves speech abilities.

For those suffering from cognitive issues like dementia, declining speech abilities are common. Music can often inspire a nonverbal patient to communicate through noise. It might start with a hum, and it can often end up with lyrics being repeated.     

At McGregor, we know senior living. We are proud of our music program, including our summer concert series. We don’t just offer it because it’s necessary; we offer it because our residents look forward to reminiscing while listen to the songs that take them back to a special place. We’d love to do that for your loved one. Contact McGregor today and find out more about the programs we offer the senior community in Cleveland.