R. Robertson “Rob” Hilton announces his retirement

Rob Hilton has been recognized for a devoted career of excellence in supporting seniors in need and the impacts on the lives of older persons.

In 2001, when R. Robertson “Rob” Hilton became President and CEO of The A.M. McGregor Home, the facility was a small but well-regarded organization, serving East Cleveland and its surrounding community for more than 100 years.

In the 19 years since, McGregor has emerged as a leading care provider for our elders. Rob has become a role model for professionals, and facilitator of dozens of initiatives, improving many thousands of lives in our region and beyond.

In 2002 under Rob’s leadership, The McGregor Foundation was incorporated as Ohio’s only grant-maker solely focused on the needs of economically disadvantaged and frail elderly. Since its inception, it has provided 560 grants to 135 organizations totaling in excess of $15 million dollars.

  We are grateful to Rob for his leadership and accomplishments for our community’s precious elders for a long time to come.