What Does a Healthy, Happy Retirement Mean to You?

4 Ways to Enjoy a Healthy, Happy Retirement

When you think about health and wellness, what comes to mind?

You might think first about exercise, and of course that’s important at any age. But a complete concept of wellness must go far beyond physical fitness, especially as you get older. To enjoy a healthy, happy retirement you should also think about mental stimulation, social interaction and emotional well-being. All these together contribute to your overall quality of life. Even though your body may not be quite what it once was, there’s no reason your level of health and wellness can’t be better than ever as you age.


Here are four ways to exercise your brain and your spirit, as well as your body:

• Seek out relationships – It’s easy to lose touch with former co-workers and professional contacts in retirement, so it’s important to develop new social circles. Whether it’s by playing golf with a new group of people or taking part in senior programs at a local church or community center, engaging in social activities and making new friends keeps you connected and energizes your spirit.


• Try something new – Learning new things is good for your brain, and you don’t have to go back to school to do it (although taking classes at a local college is a great idea). Why not try a new hobby like horticulture, writing, music or painting? Play a low-impact sport like pickleball, shuffleboard or bocce ball. Read a new author. Travel to a new place. Go ahead and explore something you never had time to explore before.


• Get a job – Seriously. More retirees are starting an “encore career.” For some people a second career lets them fulfill a passion they didn’t have time to focus on when they were working to raise a family and pay the bills. You could do the work you always wanted to do. And with people living longer these days, extra income can delay a drawdown on your savings and enable you to postpone Social Security.


• Live with zeal – When you’re out of the rat race it’s easy to become isolated. Make a point to stay in touch with family, expose yourself to new perspectives and use new technologies. Go out to dinner and see the Cleveland Orchestra, or cook a delicious meal at home and linger at the table with friends. Do volunteer work, participate in civic or religious activities or just get outdoors and inhale the beauty of creation. It’s good for your mind and your spirit.


Health and wellness boils down to being active – socially, mentally, emotionally and, yes, physically. At McGregor, we’re blessed to have a beautiful 32-acre campus with walking paths and gardens that are ideal for exercise and social engagement. It’s a natural setting for getting outdoors and being active, and we use it for recreational opportunities including a community garden, summer concerts and even beekeeping.

Our Cleveland campus sits in one of America’s most “age-friendly” cities, close to shopping areas like the Coventry boutique district, dining districts like Little Italy and downtown amenities including professional sports, music, theater and three major hospitals.