Checklist for Planning a Move to Assisted Living

an elderly father and young daughter smiling while looking at phone

How You Can Ease Your Loved One’s Transition

Tips for Selecting and Moving to an Assisted Living Community


Moving is stressful at any age. That stress can be compounded when an older adult is moving from a beloved home or following the death of a spouse or partner. Some older adults can view moving to an assisted living community as losing a battle for their independence, which can shine a negative light on the entire experience. With thoughtful planning and care, you can help ease your loved one’s move and transition to an assisted living community.

Talk about it. Make sure your loved one or parent has a voice during the transition. Encourage them to express their fears and worries about the move and their hopes and desires for their new assisted living community. This will help you select an assisted living facility that is right for them.

Understand what they can afford. It is important to have a very clear picture of your loved one or parent’s financial situation and how their care will be funded. You might consult a financial advisor or speak to a representative from several different assisted living communities to understand how enrollment and financing works.

Consult primary care doctors for a referral. Your loved one’s doctor understands the unique care and medical services needed and can help you identify an assisted living facility that will best provide for your loved one.

Select a facility. We encourage you to take in-person or virtual tours, meet with facility representatives, and ask a lot of questions. You will want to see several options. Just like selecting a new home, sometimes you can just feel when the choice is right.

Start downsizing early. It can be helpful to downsize even before you have selected an assisted living community. Focus on downsizing large furniture pieces and rugs, extra bedroom sets, and knickknacks, which likely will not be able to move with your loved one. Help them identify the furniture they will be taking and any mementos and family photos that they definitely want to pack.

Make a post-move plan. Moving to an assisted living community can produce the same kind of “first day of school” jitters we remember from childhood, along with feelings of sadness or homesickness. If it is allowed, consider having different family members join your loved one for meals to make them feel more comfortable and check in regularly as they become settled.


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