National Skilled Nursing Care Week

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Recognizing Our Skilled Nursing Professionals

Celebrating the Role Nurses Play in Creating and Nurturing Connections

We believe that our country’s nursing professionals simply cannot be praised or recognized enough for their work. All nurses are valued, whether they work in an ER, in a pediatric doctor’s office, as a home health care professional, or in a skilled nursing care facility. Following National Nurses Day this past Friday, today starts a very special week honoring the work of skilled nursing professionals in particular. 

The American Health Care Association (AHCA) is leading National Skilled Nursing Care Week from May 8–14, 2022, overlapping with National Nurses Week. This year’s theme is Creating and Nurturing Connections. Nurses play an invaluable role in creating and nurturing connections among patients, residents, and those they work with. We certainly saw this firsthand at McGregor in the spring of 2020. As the world locked down, our skilled nursing professionals were protecting and caring for our residents around the clock. And during a time of limited visitation and social distancing, they were a familiar face and a source of comfort to residents who were suffering emotionally and experiencing loneliness. 

We are proud to recognize the efforts of all of our nurses this week and encourage you to show appreciation to any nurses in your life, whether they helped you through a recent labor and delivery, made you feel safe during an unexpected emergency room visit, or provide ongoing care for your mother or father. While gifts of coffee, gift cards, and baked goods are certainly appreciated, sometimes all a nurse wants to hear is, “Thank you.” Think of the impact a handwritten note would have on a nurse who has provided care to you or a loved one. 

From the McGregor family to the nurses on our own team and in hospitals, doctors’ offices, schools, and other locations around the country—thank you for everything you do!

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