McGregor, Senior Living According to Your Plan

A Team That Goes Above and Beyond with a Reputation of Quality Care

McGregor has a legacy of caring for older adults and helping families who are looking for an assisted living community and more. When senior years bring about change, you need a name that ensures ownership, stability and a reputation of compassion, respect, dignity, and quality of care across all levels of need.

We help you plan for your future and help with the things you don’t think of or don’t know to ask.  We know that many are looking for a personality match and peer-to-peer connections. This is made possible through our diverse community.  Whether you arrive at McGregor Senior Living at the age of 62 or 92, our caregivers and accommodations are fully prepared to met your personal senior living needs, now and in the future. Think of us as a “life plan community” that can provide more attentive lifestyle amenities and healthcare services as your needs evolve.

Moving your older adult to assisted living is a big challenge for many families. Deciding when to make the transition is tough, but once that’s resolved, the next question is how to find an assisted living community that’s right for you or an older adult. You want to make sure they’ll be well cared for and are also looking for a good fit for their lifestyle and personality. The distance to you or other relatives might be an important consideration as well.

Many of our residents begin their experience in our private Independent Living apartments and transition to our private Assisted Living suites.  With five levels of care, you won’t have to look any further than McGregor.

Everyone ages differently. When the time is right, McGregor staff will smoothly facilitate your transition to a greater level of care, making it easier on you and your family. It’s not long before you will be on a first name basis with the McGregor team.  Whether it’s our caregivers, administrators, activities staff, maintenance, housekeeping, our family of professionals get to truly know you and your family.  We all consider McGregor our home, too!

That’s why we say, “choose McGregor and move only once.”  There is never a need to start your senior living search all over again. Should a time come for needing even more comprehensive care like rehabilitation or long term care, it’s all right her for you on the McGregor campus!

McGregor offers a unique healthcare advantage like no other

Although many people start their senior living journey adequately prepared for their healthcare expenses, it’s hard to plan for health conditions and expenses further down the road, especially when living well into your 90’s and even 100 years! Here’s where McGregor stands out!  We are the only senior living community in Ohio that is a provider of PACE (the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) which can assist in qualifying residents with healthcare finances if and when they need it.  We offer affordable housing options within our 45-acre residential campus, going further to make you feel right at home. Our team of thougthful experts help you plan for everything and anything. A place you can call “home”.

Secure a place in the senior living community that brings together lifelong care.

You’ve planned ahead for your living needs. So have we!



To make the process a bit easier, we found a useful guide that offers helpful tips and summarizes some important information and includes a handy checklist.