Honoring Parents’ Day July 24

Celebrating the hardwork, sacrifices and dedication parents put into the upbringing of a child.


“The greatest work of any individual, rich or poor, black or white, when it comes down to the evening of their life, is their children and grandchildren, the work of being a parent”  

 Where would we be without our parents, the people who loved us before we were even born? This was the question on the minds of our Representatives in Congress, when they passed the “Parents’ Day Resolution” in 1994, establishing the fourth Sunday of July as a special day to celebrate parents each year.  

This year, Parents’ Day will be celebrated across the United States on Sunday, July 24, 2022.  

No matter where your parents are, there are several things you can

  • Visit them – whether in their own home or a senior living community, parents will always find joy in a visit from their children, grandchildren, or even great-grandchildren. A visit gives you the opportunity to tell your parents how much they mean to you. 
  • Call them – if you are unable to visit your parents, give them a phone call. Remind them about some of the favorite memories you have of them.  
  • Write them a card – in a world of instant electronic messages, the sense of realness and closeness created through a handwritten letter cannot be matched. Plus, there are bonus points if you include flowers, a gift card, or another small gift!  
  • Do something special together – create a new memory for your parents by enjoying a picnic, going on a day trip, attending a concert, hosting a family game night, or taking a family walk with them. Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures!  
  • Show you care – whether it’s cooking their favorite recipe, cleaning up their living space, or doing a bit of extra yard work for them, there is often no better way to show gratitude than an act of service.  
  • Hug them – a hug is a simple, yet extremely meaningful gesture for them.  

Remember, what you do is nowhere near as important as who you’re with. By taking the time to celebrate with your parents and all they have done for you, you will make their day!  

However, and wherever you celebrate, enjoy the festivities, and have fun!  

History of National Parents’ Day

The day first began in 1994, when the US under the presidency of Bill Clinton decided to officially observe the fourth Sunday of July to celebrate parents, it soon caught on in different parts of the world.

Meanwhile, the United Nations declared June 1 to be the Global Day of Parents.

Significance of National Parents’ Day

Parents’ Day celebrates the role parents have in the upbringing and future of a child. A child flourishes depending on their parents for physical and emotional care, stability, security, and guidance. However, the day is not limited to biological parents, some children are brought up by their relatives, or adoptive parents and depend on them for a secure and caring environment to prepare them for the challenges of the world. No relationship comes a close second to the parent-child relationship for these reasons.



contributing to this post, Ryan Eisenhuth, Marketing and Communications intern, McGregor