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A New Independent Living building at McGregor on the rise!

McGregor’s campus is a Life Plan Community, which helps to accommodate seniors throughout all seasons of their life as their needs change. Often times, seniors are unable to maintain upkeep in their permanent residence they have lived in for decades. They may also miss reconnecting with friends on a regular basis and may want to pursue a new hobby but haven’t had the time. One solution to these problems is to live in an independent living facility. 


When residing in independent Living here at McGregor, seniors are able to enjoy their retirement years with their newfound independence while taking part in a vibrant social calendar. They can participate in activities with individuals with similar interests and choose how to spend their days. They are able to maintain a high quality of life with family and friends close by.  

Currently, the wants and needs of seniors are constantly evolving. By 2030, one in every five Americans will be 65 years old and older. Seniors are unable to age in place as often with steady incomes and being unable to afford all necessities, including rising housing and medical costs. McGregor is adapting with the times by adding a new Independent Living facility made possible by a grant from HUD, or the Department of Housing and Urban Development. In 2020, McGregor was awarded a $3 million grant to finish building and renovating a total of 80 units. New construction is set to be finished in late Summer 2023. 


We believe that quality healthcare should never be beyond a resident’s reach or means. This grant not only supports construction of 54 Independent Living apartments, but also renovation of 26 Assisted Living Apartments. According to Lee Ann O’Brien, McGregor’s Chief Marketing Officer, these units contain all the amenities residents need, including “refrigerators, microwaves, stovetops, ovens, plenty of counter space, and cupboards.” Funds are also allocated towards assisting residents in paying their rent. These factors will allow current and future residents to face the uncertainty of the future with confidence, allowing individuals to age in a place, living life to the best of their abilities. We believe everyone deserves to live among a community of friends, have places to explore and enjoy occasions to celebrate!


Stay tuned for more news and our grand opening is the late Summer 2023.



submitted: Gracey Meyer, Marketing & Communications Intern, Summer 2022