McGregor Salutes National Healthcare Environmental Services Week



During the second week in September, National Healthcare Environmental Services Week McGregor honors the men and women who ensure safe, comfortable and clean campus facilities all year long. Our dedicated employees provide outstanding services. Their knowledge and skill not only keep our medical facilities running smoothly, but they help support positive patient outcomes.

When environmental services run smoothly, our medical concerns can be the focus of medical professionals–and our residents. That’s why environmental service specialists are vital to the operation of any facility. They are the frontline defense against serious infections throughout a facility.  An environmental service specialist’s discipline and dedication keep the patients and medical personnel safe and healthy.  The position can be physically demanding and requires attention to detail, as well.

We are especially proud of our EVS Team at McGregor!  They keep us sparkling and are responsibile for the care and attention we receive throughout the campus! Their dedication and commitment to McGregor supports the reputation we have in the community of being clean, safe and beautiful!!  This holiday reminds us of the importance of so many healthcare environmental professionals on our team and throughout our organization. Thank You to our hard-working Environmental Services employees who help our community make the grade and keep us all healthy. Everyone does their part.

We appreciate each and every one of you! Thank you Rodney & Team!