Celebrating our Staff for National Assisted Living Week

Jan Bush began her tenure at McGregor thirteen years ago in 2007 because she wanted to volunteer.  She always thought McGregor was so beautiful and that was a perfect fit due to her love of seniors.

During her 35-year career with AT & T she was located in Brecksville, downtown Cleveland and Lakewood. Jan worked with the many technicians in maintenance administration, circuits, and handling conflict resolution, she subsequently orchestrated the efforts of a 200-person call center. She shared that her role was multi-faceted and that she had 7-8 different positions throughout her career. Her excitement was evident. “I loved that job,” she said.

As she began volunteering at McGregor, one day the Volunteer Director asked her to assist at the front desk to help cover staff for their lunch breaks. Before she knew it, that became 3-4 days a week…which became part time and ultimately evolved into her full time position as reception at McGregor’s Assisted Living.

Taking care of her own grandparents led to her having the heart for seniors. As she reflects on her role at McGregor, she stated, “It was a combination of the environment and atmosphere on the campus, the beauty of the surroudings and the passion I had for helping seniors. They bring lots of joy.”

An interesting fact about Jan is that she was an avid roller skater since she was 11 years old.  Her and her brother would have to do their chores on Friday so they would be able to skate on Saturday.

Up until a few years ago, Jan continued to skate–even backwards!  Her grandchildren got such a kick out of the fact that “grandma” could roller skate!! Some of her other favorite things to do?  Well, Jan loves to read and listen to jazz music.

Ending on a high note, Jan concluded, “Be your best authentic self. Treat others the way you want to be treated and handle people with care.” 

“Be kind whenever possible.”