National Assisted Living week, recognizing our Staff

Celebrating National Assisted Living week and another team member!

  Lillian Zvosecz is the Volunteer Coordinator here at McGregor. In this role, she recruits volunteers from the community to see if McGregor is a good fit for them, then helps them get settled in and prepared for the work ahead. Although she started her position in May, she has already witnessed McGregor’s impact firsthand. She believes that the little things can go a long way, especially at a place that could be someone’s last home.

Her passion for this organization began with her own grandfather and from her experience as a volunteer herself. Although he did not receive care at McGregor specifically, immediately after arriving she observed each of the residents being treated with care just like her grandfather had been.

Having been a volunteer for about 10 years has also prepared Lillian for this role. It gave her a different perspective and allowed her to understand that it’s important for volunteers to be recognized. This means that they want to understand the impact that they are making on their community. In this case, it never hurts to see how they are improving the lives of residents, no matter how small an act of kindness may seem. She emphasizes that “volunteers really brighten up and help support the residents. When they come in, just a friendly conversation with the resident can mean a lot to them.” The volunteers might not know it, but their hard work is very much appreciated.

We thank Lillian for her hard work so far and look forward to seeing what she accomplishes in the future.

Are you interested in volunteering yourself? If so, visit our volunteer page.