Keeping Your Mind and Body Active

How to Keep Your Mind and Body Active as a Senior 

Why Staying Active is Important 

We are always told that being mentally and physically active is good for us to improve our present livelihood and prepare for the future. A couple reasons why it is beneficial is as follows: 

  • Improves your mood 
  • Strengthens muscles  
  • Improves balance 
  • Decreases risks of certain illnesses 
  • Reduces anxiety and depression symptoms 


How To Stay Active 

As we get older, we become more sedentary, which means we are more prone to sitting for longer periods of time. Staying active is a way of reducing health problems further down the line. However, it isn’t limited to running a marathon. There are small things you can do now to improve your overall wellbeing. Exercising can be as little as 10-15 minutes a couple times per day; you can go for a swim, do some yoga, go on a walk, or even hold weights or stretch while you’re watching tv. Even the little things can go a long way. The CDC provides examples of aerobic, muscle-strengthening, and balancing activities to do on a weekly basis to stay in shape and feel better in the long run. Click here for more information. 



elderly couple holding hands   

Staying active isn’t limited to your body. Now is the time to try a new hobby and hone your interests. This might mean pursuing something different such as gardening, painting, crocheting, coloring, or fishing. Luckily, you can take on something new at any time, and you may be able to bond with others who enjoy doing the same things. If you want to get out of the house, volunteer for a cause that is meaningful to you. Another way of bonding with your community is by attending an event in your area.   

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submitted: Grace Meyer, 2022 Summer Marketing & Communications Intern