Grocery Planning on a Budget

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Dealing With the High Costs of Consumer Goods

How to Save Money at the Grocery Store

It’s been all over the news: Eggs have increased nearly 50 percent in price since last year. 

Of course, they aren’t the only item that has surged in price at the grocery store. Inflation as of November 2022 showed the highest increases in butter and margarine, lettuce, cereals and bakery products, milk, and poultry.

With many of us on fixed incomes, how can we continue to prioritize healthy eating while also sticking to our monthly food budget? 


Here are some quick tips to keep in mind before your next shopping trip.

  • Use a grocery rewards card. If your store offers a reward card, make sure that you have one and that it is scanned every time you make a purchase. This alone can apply automatic discounts to products in your cart, and you can often earn in-store rewards simply for doing your regular grocery shopping.
  • Never shop without a list. Check what you already have in your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry before you go to avoid purchasing duplicates. Focus on what you need for the week and try not to stray from your list.
  • Check out sales before you go. If possible, plan your meals around which fresh items will be on sale: Maybe it is salmon, shrimp, or chicken. Try to stock up on pantry staples like canned goods when you see them on sale to avoid paying full price.
  • Buy the house brand. In most cases, the biggest difference between the store brand and major brand is simply the packaging. Don’t pay more for essentially the same product. Be sure to check ingredients, but there’s usually no reason not to opt for the store brand.
  • Bring your own bag. At some stores, you can save money simply by providing your own reusable bags. It may seem small, but these savings can add up across many trips!


The McGregor Foundation is greatly aware of the challenges of rising consumer good prices for seniors in our community. This is why we are committed to giving $1 million in grants a year to other non-profit organizations who support senior services, resources, and programs.

If we can provide you with any additional information about our efforts, please reach out. 


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