“My Home Away from Home”

Anne Macko Shares Her McGregor Story

“McGregor is kind, understanding, and helpful to all their residents. I love this place. If I have to go anywhere, this is the place I want to go.”

Anne Macko is a frequent guest in the Vacation Suites at McGregor Assisted Living. Soon to be age 95, Anne just finished her fourth stay in the past year in one of our respite suites.

In the 1940s, Anne began her career as a telephone operator for the Ohio Bell Telephone Company. Soon after joining Ohio Bell, Anne became a steward and eventually the first female officer of the Communications Workers of America labor union. In this role, Anne dedicated much of her life to fighting for the rights of workers, women, and retired people throughout the United States.

In 1990, Anne was inducted into the Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame for her work. Later, in 1995, President Bill Clinton appointed Anne – along with 200 other labor delegates – to the White House Conference on Aging to help shape national policy intended to protect retirees’ standard of living amidst massive congressional budget cuts.

Several years later, Anne retired knowing that she had helped to create a brighter future for many people in this world. To this day, Anne remains active in Cleveland’s North Shore AFL-CIO labor union and lives with her son in the greater Cleveland area.

In the years since her retirement, it has become increasingly hard for Anne to travel long distances, especially after losing her ability to drive in the late 2010s. Responding to this new situation, her son began looking for a safe and friendly community for Anne to stay in whenever he and his wife happened to be out of town. After researching two other senior living communities in the area, it became clear that McGregor was the only place that Anne could call her “home away from home.”

Anne is especially impressed that the staff members at McGregor always answer her questions. “If they don’t know, they say they don’t know and tell me they will get the answer by the next day. They have always followed through, which is more than I can say for any of the other places we looked.”

Anne also specified that she loves the daily activities offered at McGregor, the variety of food options available at each meal, and the friends she has made during her stays – many of whom she remains in regular contact with, even after she goes back home.

Anne concluded by saying that “McGregor is kind, understanding, and helpful to all residents. I love this place. If I have to go anywhere, this is the place I want to go.”  She continues, “You can’t find a nicer place [for seniors] than McGregor”.

“I would gladly recommend McGregor to anyone searching for a place to stay.”


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