Volunteer Spotlight~ Charles Jones

One’s heart and willingness to make a difference in their community should be the driving force.”

Charles Jones,

In the bustling world we live in, where time is a precious commodity, there are exceptional individuals like Charles who selflessly dedicate their years to helping others. Since 2008, Charles has been an unwavering volunteer, spreading joy and warmth to those in need, leaving a lasting impact on the lives he touches.


Charles’s journey as a volunteer began with a simple act of kindness. He started by visiting a church member who was residing at McGregor. Little did he know that this encounter would lead to a life of purpose and service. Judy, the Volunteer Coordinator at the time, recognized Charles’s compassionate nature and recruited him as a volunteer.


Charles’s dedication to serving others knows no bounds. Within his Holy Trinity Baptist Church community, he engages in various volunteer roles, embodying the spirit of selflessness. Whether it’s working at the food pantry, singing hymns, or fulfilling responsibilities as an usher and greeter, Charles is a tireless force for good.


Charles’s passion for helping others stems from his upbringing and his deeply ingrained values. He was raised with the belief that lending a hand and treating others with respect is not only an act of kindness but an integral part of his nature. 


Charles finds immense fulfillment in knowing that his efforts improve residents’ lives. During his volunteering journey, Charles has brought happiness to the lives of countless individuals. In the early days, Charles dedicated three to four days a week, spending two to three hours each day. However, when his mother required more assistance, he prioritized caring for her while continuing his volunteer work as much as he could.


For Charles, the true reward lies in the smiles that light up the faces of the residents he serves. The gratitude expressed by those he helps touches his heart deeply. He cherishes the moments when residents say, ‘I’m really glad to see you.” The joy he experiences from positively impacting others’ lives reaffirms his belief that serving others is a blessing bestowed upon him.


When asked about advice for those wanting to embark on a volunteer journey, Charles emphasizes the importance of having a genuine desire to help and care for others. He believes that one’s heart and willingness to make a difference in their community should be the driving force. Charles reminds us that the reward of volunteering is not always monetary, as there is immeasurable value in bringing joy and comfort to those in need.


Charles’s selfless commitment to volunteerism serves as an inspiration to us all. For over a decade, he has touched lives, uplifted spirits, and brought happiness to countless individuals. Through his dedication, kindness, and unwavering compassion, Charles has proven that the true reward lies in the joy of helping others.


As we strive to make a positive impact in our communities, let us remember Charles’s valuable advice and embrace the power of selfless service.


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