Keep Aging Parents at Home

 Most of the older adults’ desire to stay in their own home for as long as possible as they age. However, with aging comes the change of health status which makes staying in their own home, especially alone, a challenge for most. Oftentimes, this leads to the child of the older adult becoming their primary caregiver. This can put a great amount of financial, emotional, and physical responsibility on the individual who is the caregiver. Thankfully, there are several tips and options available that provide support to the caregivers and older adults!

It is important to get an initial understanding of how much care may be needed. You have to consider safety, medical needs, financial needs, mobility, hygiene, meal prep, and social interaction. Keeping track of the tasks they need assistance with when you are caring for them will put into perspective what they can or cannot do when you are not physically with them. You also need to consider your own schedule and needs, to see how much care you can realistically provide without compromising your own health.

There are also many ways for you to get help with caregiving. Organizations, such as McGregor PACE, have programs that provide care for older adults that allow them to continue living at home. PACE, or Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, has services regarding medical, rehabilitative, social, and personal care. They provide help that older adults need both in the home and through their adult day health centers. A few of the services they provide include an adult day center, health services, therapy, in-home health care, meals, hospice, and several more.

Find a complete list of provided services through the McGregor PACE website.

At McGregor, we commend you for your generous acts of caregiving and hope that these tips and services can help you and your loved ones.