“A sweet friendship refreshes the soul.”

Social engagement keeps life more interesting, and it is very beneficial to emotional and mental health.

Creating social connections develops a sense of belonging, increases happiness, improves cognitive function and memory, and lowers the risk of mental health issues. Social isolation is something many seniors face that has negative effects on their well-being. There are several ways to stay socially engaged as an older adult. Such as joining a club or church group, volunteering, or having visits with family and friends.

Senior Living Communities offer a space that prioritizes social interaction for seniors. They allow for easy ways for seniors to make new friendships and form a consistent support group. These communities give a place for likeminded individuals to share experiences and form meaningful relationships. Within the living community, going to events, joining internal clubs, walking through the campus, and finding those with similar interests will help seniors have social interactions.

Depression is prevalent among seniors but social interaction can help to prevent it and it is essential to a senior’s emotional and mental well-being. A healthy social life leads to a longer life and overall better health.

Senior Living Communities, like McGregor, support seniors in fostering deep friendships and maintaining a social lifestyle.


Socializing keeps the mind active, so recharge your social battery!