“These people have become like family to me.”

In celebration of National Assisted Living Week: Season of Reflection, we are recognizing some of our Assisted Living Team!

Janice Bush is a Receptionist in Assisted Living and has been with McGregor for 14 years. Janice expressed how she used to walk through Forest Hill Park and noticed our building and the beautiful campus that McGregor is on. She began here as a volunteer back in 2007 after her retirement and joined us in 2009 as a receptionist! Janice’s highlight of working at McGregor is the environment and the people she gets to interact with each day.

Janice expresses that this role is a perfect fit for her due to the love and care that she has for the seniors she engages with. “These people have become like family to me.” She finds it extremely rewarding to be in this position and to be able to support and help the seniors at McGregor. For people working in this environment, she notes that it is very important that you have a strong care for the people you work with and have a passion for the industry. Janice recognizes her mom as her greatest mentor, “She was extremely caring, especially for seniors and would always help them when needed.” Janice has taken after her mother and is a very thoughtful individual herself.

One of Janice’s favorite memories at McGregor is when she planted fruit trees outside of the building. “I have been here long enough to see them grow and pick fruit off of them.” She describes the great time she had when she gathered with volunteers to help plant these trees. Janice also appreciates all of the stories and wisdom that the seniors hold. She enjoys hearing them talk about their accomplishments from their lifetime.

We are grateful to have Janice as a welcoming face here at McGregor and are happy to see her making such a difference in our community.