McGregor Launches Third Annual Leadership Academy

We are launching our 3rd class of the McGregor Leadership Academy beginning May 2024.



As part of the McGregor’s culture survey, our teams shared that training and leadership are important to them.  That is why we are investing in our next class of eight individuals who will be participating in this six month program here at McGregor.

We look among our teams to recruit individuals who impact the lives of both their teams and our residents/participants and we want to support the professional growth of the individuals.

The Academy provides an opportunity to learn about themselves as individuals, working within the varied teams, and proven ways to help build a strong team in the areas each indivudual leads.  We keep the classes relatively small to enable the participants to get to know the other members of the class from across the organization and feel comfortable sharing within the group.

This is just one of many programs McGregor offers to its employees to grow both personally and professional enabling each person to achieve their goals and aspirations.  With two classes having great success, the Leadership Academy has been one of several worthwhile attributes we offer and a way to revitalize the employee experience and recognition.

Together everyone achieve more Images ...