People Purpose Passion

Beyond Celebrating Women…this group of young women inspired all of us!

At this year’s program, we invited a Girl Scout Troop to share in the excitement and enthusiasm we all experience at this annual event, and in part to answer the life long question, “Who is next to lead?”  Every year, Girls Scouts have the opportunity to participate and complete a Silver Award project, which benefits the community in some way,  while building confidence and fulfillment in many young women who celebrate the comradery of the G.I.R.L. Scouts.

G is for go-getter. I is for innovator. R is for risk-taker. L is for leader.

  The Girl Scout’s CEO, Jane Christyson, and the mother and leader of a Girl Scout Troop shared a story of compassion and accomplishment for one of their civic projects.

“I want share with you my proud mommy moment,” she said. “My daughter, Mya, completed her Silver Award project over the fall. She found a need in our community for families who may be dealing with food insecurity.”

 Made from a newpaper container….

“She decided to create a little food pantry where people can take what they need and/or donate something for others. She was struggling to find a good place to put it. We have kept it at the end of our driveway for a few months and on Thursday it will be moving to it’s permanent location at Noble Church in our neighborhood.” “It was such an empowering moment for Mya to see that she impacted our community all by herself. She created something that wasn’t there before and people are using it!”

” I want to thank both of you for helping Mya make this happen. The money the girls were given at the Celebrating Women raffle, was earmarked evenly among them to be used on their projects.” “Katie, please share this with the ladies who put the conference together so they can see first hand the lasting impact they made on my daughter and the other girls in the troop. I am so appreciative. Jane, thank you so much for including us in that event so the girls could see such positive female role models. Every day I see examples of how Girl Scouts has positivity influenced my family and for that I’m forever grateful.” Taken from the Girl Scout handbook and the definition- Our Mission. Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place. We will continue to celebrate every day triumphs, collaboration and community service in our efforts to continue Celebrating Women!

Thank you to all who made this event a spectacular day of  PEOPLE PURPOSE PASSION.