Join Us and our colleagues at PACE for a Period of Reflection

McGregor is joining our PACE team members as PACE organizations throughout the country are asked to participate in a “Period of Reflection”.


Campaign: PACE 4 Black Lives

Vision: To acknowledge racism as a threat to the health, well-being, and quality of life of people of color

Mission: Encourage organizations to publicly recognize racism as a public health issue and to support the end of racial inequality in our communities.

Background: Racism is a public health crisis. Poverty, a fruit of racism, worsens that public health crisis. Racism restricts access to the resources and opportunities required for a healthy life. Black Americans and other communities of color live sicker and die sooner than White Americans. Injustices accumulate throughout the lives of elderly persons of color. Racial disparities are readily evident in the final years of life for older adults of color, affecting every system in the body, even changing DNA. Our residents and PACE participants are living in history. We have the privilege to care for individuals who lived through every injustice, large and small, of recent memory. Their stories, and the suffering we witness as a result of those traumas, are daily reminders of why we must work tirelessly to dismantle racism in all its forms. McGregor stands with Black Americans and other persons of color.


Staff members are asked to go outside of their sites or stop wherever you are and kneel for 9 minutes. McGregor will share photos on social media in solidarity in this nationwide movement using #PACEforBlackLives.