What Are Some Resolutions Seniors Should Consider?

“Should old acquaintance be forgot?”

But, don’t forget to make your resolutions!

At McGregor Amasa, our New Year’s Eve parties don’t run as late as they used to! We usually have a party in the afternoon, so our residents who keep an early bedtime can continue with their routine without interruption, but the traditions are still there. Another tradition can be important to seniors and that is making resolutions. 

Resolutions not only help us focus on positive activities and strategies, but they give us something to look forward to and work on. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in living day to day as a senior. Resolutions give you long-term goals to work on. They help you set benchmarks far into the future and then work on exceeding them. 

What kinds of resolutions work for seniors? We’ve got some suggestions for resolutions seniors should consider for this year.

Learn a new skill

You’ve always wanted to learn how to bake. Why not do that this year? Perhaps you’ve always envied your neighbor’s green thumb. Why not get one of your own? 2020 is the perfect year to learn how to do something you’ve thought about learning and put off. 

Document your story

Seniors have great stories to tell but often don’t write them all down for future generations to share. This would be a great year to document a story a day. Perhaps you have trouble writing? Record them in a digital recorder or miniature tape recorder and let someone else handle the penmanship. The important thing is just having them recorded to share with your family. 

Meet new people

It can be tough to open up to new people, especially at an older age, but socializing in a new circle can be very rewarding! Meet someone new in 2020, and if you truly want to grow, spend some time with someone who you don’t seem to have much in common with. Part of learning about ourselves is finding common ground in others when we don’t think there’s much to be found. Spend some time with someone you normally wouldn’t and see if your perspective on things changes!

Start each day with a positive affirmation

At first, it seems silly and then it changes your life. Start each day of this year by waking up and saying something positive to the reflection in the mirror. Whether it’s as simple as wishing yourself a happy day or something as profound as “I forgive you.” If you tell your reflection something positive to start your day, it becomes second nature to think positively for the rest of the day!

At McGregor Amasa, we want this to be your best year ever. What could your life look like if you made a new senior living community your home? Find out by visiting McGregor today! Schedule an appointment and get started with a fresh beginning!